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Baseball Mogul DiamondNew Features In Baseball Mogul DiamondCompensatory Draft Picks (for teams that lose players to Free Agency)Improved Player Aging, including mid-career position changesImproved Manager AI (especially pitcher usage and defensive replacements)Improved General Manager AI (roster management and player contracts)Improved Trade AI (Artificial Intelligence)Trades improve teams at specific positions, not just overall talentMuch greater News Story and Scouting Report varietyImproved historical and fictional season schedulesFaster simulation engineMore minor league and lefty-righty stats for active and historical playersImproved output for Head-To-Head RecordsMore realistic player fatigue and injuriesImproved simulation accuracy and stabilitye.g. stolen base numbers no longer decline over timeMany bug fixes to prevent slowdowns and hangsProblems fixed with Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia outputFixed errors found in some historical All-Time Leader listsPlus...Build Your Own Expansion TeamStat-based scoutingIndividual strategy settings for each playerIncludes individual pitch count limitsLefty-righty batting and pitching statsIncludes every season back to 1951Improved General Manager AI.Mimics real-life trade and contract dataScouting Report: copy player stats to clipboard with a single-clickUpdated minor league statsMore than 1.2 million lines of dataMore realistic high school, college and minor league statsImproved Player Award AI (Gold Gloves, etc
.)Improved Pitch TrackingRecords velocity, break, location and result of every pitchAccurate head-to-head stats for every batter-pitcher matchupMore accurate heat maps in player Scouting Reports... and smaller improvements such as these:Free agents available after expansion draft, to help complete your major and minor league rosters.Bug fixed when calculating Defensive RunsNew stats and search options in "Sortable Stats" screenBug fixed with setting pitch count limits for individual pitchersGround balls to right side now advance runner on 2B more consistentlyNew directory created for each saved gamePrevents conflicts with box score and encyclopedia outputUpdates for Opening Day of the 2015 SeasonUpdated rosters for every teamOver 2100 active playersIncludes more than 45 minor leaguers per organizationComplete major league and minor league stats through 2014Actual real-life 2015 season schedule (all 2430 games)Backwards CompatibilityBaseball Mogul Diamond automatically loads databases from previous versions of Baseball Mogul.Note: Advanced Roster RulesPlease note that Baseball Mogul Diamond does not include support for all of the advanced roster rules (such as enforcing a 40-man roster for each team or conducting the Rule 5 Draft). However, Qualifying Offers and Free Agent Compensation (via draft picks awarded in a "sandwich round") were added.
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