A Rose in the Twilight / ロゼと黄昏の古城


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In A Rose in the Twilight, use Rose’s power to absorb blood and transfer it to static objects. By doing so, colorless objects become red and regain the essence of time. You will also need to make use of the giant’s super strength by lifting and throwing objects to clear your path.Every stage is a puzzle waiting to be pieced together. The further you get, the harder it becomes, but the greater the risk, the bigger the reward. Discover how to solve each stage as you delve deeper into the story’s grim origins.Key Features:Color & Time - Without color and time, the player cannot progress, but with Rose's power you can take advantage of both these key elements.Blood Memories - Splatters of blood are waiting to be found all throughout the castle, and each one contains a gruesome death.Visual Storytelling - Collect Blood Memories to unlock the past by watching a series of vignettes pieced together by each victim's death.Live, Die, Repeat - Utilize both Rose's and the giant's power to solve each stage, but if death happens to cut your journey short, be careful not to make the same mistake twice.
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